Senodia Technologies | 深迪半导体 | SZ030H



The SZ030H is an integrated Z‐Axis angular rate sensor (Gyroscope). A single QFN package contains a high performance silicon micro machined sensor with signal conditioning circuitry.
It provides excellent temperature stability and high resolution over the operating temperature range (‐20°C ~ 85°C).
It has ±1350 dps and ±300 dps full scale and is capable of detecting rates with ‐3dB bandwidth up to 140Hz.
The SZ030H delivers analog output signal proportional to angular rate perpendicular to the assembly surface. SZ030H includes low‐pass filters and EPROM for on‐chip factory calibration for the sensor. Factory trimmed scale factors eliminate the need for external active components and end‐user calibration.

Package & Size

Size:5×5×1.2 mm³


Analog/digital output(IIC)
Supply voltage:2.7~3.3 V
Range of measurememt
ZOUT: ±1350 dps
Z4.5OUT: ±300 dps
Low power:3.7 mA
Temperature:-20~85 ℃
Built-in 11 bit ADC


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