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Senodia semiconductor was listed in the 2021-2022 (fifth) China IC Unicorn


The "IC Unicorn of China" is an authoritative selection activity in the semiconductor industry in China. The award was jointly sponsored by Saidi Consultant and Beijing core confluence. Through the combination of industry evaluation model evaluation and expert evaluation group scoring, the selected enterprises were evaluated for their competitiveness and investment value. Based on the selection results, 46 IC Unicorn enterprises were ranked on the list. As a newly awarded enterprise, Senodia Technologies (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. has been awarded the rank of IC Unique Beast in China for integrated circuit design in 2021-2022.

Since its establishment in 2008, Senodia has been committed to independently developing the series of MEMS gyroscopes and inertial measurement units (IMU) through scientific and technological innovations. During the 14 years of passionate burning, Senodia has been deeply engaged in consumer electronics, automotive and industrial fields, striving to bring more intelligent life to human beings as its only goal.

In chip research and development, Senodia can deeply and quickly judge the market, adapt to the changes of industry requirements, accelerate product iteration, and continuously optimize and upgrade in many aspects such as MEMS, ASIC and packaging testing. With the high performance, small size, easy integration product characteristics and hard quality, six-axis IMU series products can integrate all kinds of innovative application algorithms to meet challenges in any application scenario. Bring users a first-class intelligent experience. The SH5XXX series products, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2022, not only support functions such as dual SPI and I3C communication, 1.2V IO, wrist-lifting interruption, but also greatly improve the power consumption, noise, temperature drift and other performance. They will play an important role in popular demand such as optical anti-shake (OIS), effectively helping customers in related fields to iterate intelligent technology. Strong technical R&D capabilities and strong delivery capacity have enabled Senodia to gain strong support from a number of industry strategic capital in recent years. This will further help Senodia speed up personnel layout, R&D iteration, and marketing in the field of chip design.

For a long time, Senodia has established professional and complete technical and sales teams in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, quickly responding to customer requests, and timely providing comprehensive, timely and professional technical support. In the application scenario, Senodia products have been recognized and applied by many well-known customers, covering the most popular and cutting-edge platforms and scenarios such as mobile phones, tablets, wearing devices, sports health, house-wide smart, and continue to open up new application directions. The digitization and intellectualization tide has profoundly changed the world. On the road of MEMS, Senodia will stand up and continue to march on the consumer, industrial, automotive and other product levels, continuously providing customers with more excellent solutions for home-made intellectualized sensors, and win-win future with partners.