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Senodia Released the First Digital Silicon Microphone with TDM Interface

2017-10-24 09:00:00

Senodia released high performance silicon microphone SMD7A0 integrated with TDM function,which can be used for smart speakers,further enlarging the current silicon product line.

The TDM interface allows an array of up to 8 SMD7A0 microphones to directly connect to digital audio bus for array applications,used for multi-microphone device applications. The microphone array can recognize the user's voice in any direction while ignore the noise so as to achieve effective and reliable voice communication. 

More and more applications are applied to smart speakers, Internet of things, AR / VR, audio and video conferencing, UAV and other products.

The SMD7A0 is a bottom port digital output MEMS microphone supports TDM/I2S, with its package of 3.50mm×2.65mm×0.98mm. It offers high SNR and flat wideband frequency response, resulting in natural sound with high intelligibility. Due to built-in filter for RF noise attenuation, SMD7A0 shows high immunity to EMI.


l  Audio data Slave I2S or time division multiplexed (TDM) output interface

l  Configurable TDM slots, support up to 8 format 

l  Stable sensitivity over power supply range of 1.6V-3.6V 

l  64×/128×/192×/256×/384×/512× output sample rate BCLK

l  Automatic CLK ratio detection 

l  Output sample rate: 4 kHz to 96 kHz 

Bo Zou,CEO&chairman of Senodia," MEMS silicon microphone is the essential component of smart phones, AI devices, Internet of Things terminals and other products,widely used in many fields and the market demand has increased significantly. Following the release of silicon microphones such as SMA100 / 110 and SMA120 / 130 for market application needs,Senodia introduced a high-performance digital output silicon microphone supports TDM to meet new demand in the application market like smart speakers.We are looking forward to providing more cost-effective solutions for these emerging market segments. "

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