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Senodiareleased the noise reduction algorithm solution of single-microphone and multi-microphone array

2017-07-06 09:00:00
In July 2017, Senodiareleased a series of acoustic algorithm solutions combining with silicon microphone products, which covers noise reduction single-microphone, dual microphone &multi-microphone array based on beam-forming.Besides, Senodiareleased noise reduction solution of low-cost single-chip silicon microphone to solve the traditional twin-microphone problems, which brings better practical value for customers.

Noise Waveform Antiphase Noise Cancellation WaveNoise Cancellation
Senodia Noise Reduction Solution of Single-Microphone 
Single-Microphone the same quality as dual-microphone
Good robust placement
Solve the problems of traditional dual-microphone:
Improve the noise reduction quality of microphone and handsfree mode, which originally rely on single-microphone noise reduction technology.

Features of Senodia Single-microphone Noise Reduction
Fast convergence (ms level)
Ultra low frequency distortion
Steady& naturalresidual noise
Noise reduction range>20dB

Application Scenarios of Senodia Single-microphone ( Monomedia /Voice Stream)
  Single-mic mobile phone (TMOS test performance excellent)
  Plug-in headset mode of any mobile phone, handfree mode &bluetooth mode
  Noise reduction of mobile phone receiving terminal (Rx)
  Noise reduction of smart headset, Bluetooth headset
  Speech interaction and call of vehicle on-board bluetooth equipment
  Mono recording & video application
  Noise reduction of special equipment & smart phone stereo recording
  Wechat, Whatsapp (Tx) voice recording OR voice reduction (Rx)
  Voice reduction of video playing like YouTube
  Quality improvement of front-end of speech interaction and recognition, improve speech recognition rate in noisy environment

Effect of Single-microphone Noise Reduction 

TMOS Test Case Speech Qual. TMOS SND 2G-EFR/UMTS-AMR 12.2 HANB

OK MOS 3.90 Speech Qual. TMOS SND 2G-EFR/UMTS-AMR 12.2 HANB

OK MOS 3.82

TMOS test result is prior than CMCC Terminal Test Plan Standard
Same as the algorithm solution of single-microphone noise reduction in Senodia, the high performance dual-microphone has good noise reduction ability and features of fast convergence, low frequency distortion. The residual noise is very steady and natural, noise could be reduced over 25dB. This algorithm solves all the problems of dual-microphone noise reduction.
Senodia also has noise reduction algorithm of multi-microphone based on beam forming principle, widely used in speech interaction (smart home), speech recognition & front-end processing (smart speaker products). Besides, the solution based on smart phone could dramatically improve the quality of handfree calling.

About Senodia

Founded in August 2008, headquartered in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai China, Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading MEMS chip supplier in China that specialized in motion sensors such as commercial grade MEMS gyroscope, industrial grade gyroscope, IMU, magnetometer and other types of MEMS sensors such as Microphone. As a fabless, Senodia has fully-owned intellectual property of our products. Senodia focuses on designing and manufacturing low cost, low power consumption, high performance and small-sized MEMS devices. Senodiaalso commits to providing customers with different kinds of combo solutions and premium services.Senodia has complete product line of 6-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, mag-sensor and 9-axis algorithm solution. We develop a long-term partnership with many well-known companies: MI, GIONEE, Meizu, TCL, ZTE; and IDH as Wingtech, Longcheer,etc. We released silicon microphone products and related acoustic algorithm since 2015 for more high-quality products.

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